Pakistan should become secular to make peace with India, says Indian Army Chief

Pakistan should become secular to make peace with India, says Indian Army Chief

India-Pakistan relations is making its place in National news and Political debates, by one way or another. A day before Yesterday, Pakistan Prime Minister Imran Khan gave a statement on how he got disappointment from India and yet he is trying to make peace, and now, Indian Army Chief Bipin Rawat said that in order to make peace with India for Long terms, Pakistan should declare itself as a secular state.


According to a news report by The Indian Express, Bipin Rawat said on Friday that If Pakistan wants to stay together with its neighbour, India, it would have to become a secular state.


These comments came from Rawat just after a day where Imran Khan said that India and Pakistan have the potential to become close friends like France and Germany.


The army chief was attending a passing out parade of the 135th course of National Defence Academy in Pune, and while addressing to the public standing there Rawat said, “For this idea of countries coming together, Pakistan will have to look at their own internal situation. Pakistan has made itself into an Islamic State. If they have to stay together with India, they will have to become a secular state. We are a secular state. How can we stay together, when they say they are an Islamic State and there is no role for anyone else.”


Imran Khan commented on the day of Kartarpur Border Inauguration that if India takes one step forwards, Pakistan will surely take two steps forward in reply to it. Now, Rawat replied to that comment of Imran Khan, he said, “India has taken the first step several times, At least show us one step from your side. Terrorism is growing in your country. At least show us some action from your side against terrorism.”


This week India and Pakistan has seen many Ups and Down including the Inauguration of Kartarpur Corridor, refusal of India Foreign Minister Sushma Swaraj to Pakistan’s Invitation of attending SAARC meeting and Now this.



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