Panic Switch in times of panic - Will it help?

Amidst the calls from the PM not to politicize rape, the IT department from IIT Delhi came up with what seems as a brilliant way to assure safety of women, the panic button in all public vehicles. The government took this step of mandating the button in public transport in lieu to provide a feeling of safe travel. The taxis and the buses from now on will have these panic switches which when pressed during the times of need will alert the local police station about the vehicles’ whereabouts by ringing an alarm and sending a live video feed. The system if implemented in a proper way can be a real relief for those passengers who travel alone late at night. With the spurt in the MNC and BPO culture a major strata of the young population is dependent on jobs based on international shifts. A lot of travelling is necessary during the wee hours be it for the boys or the girls. With the rise in rapes and other malpractices no means of transport is safe in any ways. In such times a switch which frees you from clutches of fear is like a whiff of fresh air. 

The project was developed by the IIT students under the Nirbhaya fund which has been developed for use for safety for women. The system when it will be invoked will create an alarm in the vehicle and it further will work with driver’s authentication alongwith camera interface which will be clubbed with the proper tamperproof functioning of the system. 

In a country like India everything to be implemented must require proper planning and strategy and it seems that the government is working in a smooth way in that regard. A lot of trials are under way of which some are proving to be successful as well but on a large scale the system needs a lot of work. Proper monitoring needs to be done by the traffic police, proper deployment of forces at every checkpoint needs to be taken care of so that in times of need the victim doesn’t feel helpless and to top it all the IT system needs to work in a very diligent manner so as to read the messages instantly and respond as soon as possible. Nitin Gadkari, minister of transportation, however puts full faith in the system for its implication and success. Interstate issues are also being resolved so that when the system starts to function no problem arises.

The public vehicles have been notified to get these switch kits installed in their running vehicle, however the new ones under manufacture have already been notified and told to install these priorly. Major public vehicles giants Tata and Ashok Leyland are already working towards the development of the system in their public buses. Ola and Uber the taxi providers have also been notified of the development as these are the two major taxi providers that are being used in commutation. These are also working day in and out to make the working of the system smooth in their transport.

Whatever be the result one thing is for sure that it will surely create some relief for the panic stricken passengers mainly women as their safety is at the lowest mark at this point of time. It’s time we all stand up together and make the system functional as soon as possible. For this all public vehicles without delay should get the switches installed whenever the system starts. But deep down the heart I seriously and sincerely feel that we all should work to make our India into a nation where there is no need of panic switches and burqas, where we see no more Kathua and Unnao. But if something is being worked on for women’s safety I will be the first person to support it.

Surbhi Goel
Senior Writer

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