Paris bidding farewell to their Metro Ticket after approximately 118 years

Paris bidding farewell to their Metro Ticket after approximately 118 years

In 1990, the Paris metro came into play when the business was launched. And then it was like that the whole city was familiar with the tracks, train and even the rectangular tickets. Well, things are now going to change in a way that no one might have ever predicted it to be. The rectangular tickets are going to be the past in the matter of a few days. They will be replaced by the automated system that is currently used in the London.

As far as tourists, they might be aware of the white little ticket that is purchased by the carnet of 10 are simply can’t be separated while visiting the city. However, the tourists might found them after few years securely tucked between the pages of the book or may be in the depth of the sofa or wallet.

Well, they are simply easy to lose and even littering in the pavement and took a few years to finally decompose and who can forget the magnetic strip on the back that tends to fall over time. Well, the tickets that are sold the total of 550 million every year will not work.

The IDFM – Ile-de-France Motilities’ that is an organisation that is responsible to coordinate the transportation network in Paris and even the area surrounding the whole region. On Wednesday, the votes came out that is planning to move ahead with time and introducing the automated system by 2021.
Head of the region including Paris and President of IDFM, Valerie Pecresse said, "We're going to gradually phase out the use of the metro ticket,".

There are many computers that are already using the monthly, weekly and annual electronic card called as the Navigo that allows getting around. It is similar to the London’s Oyster, now it is time for IDFM to introduce the two more options that will be more appealing to the occasional travellers and tourists.

As per the record, the metro is said to be the 10th busiest subway system in the whole world that handles around 1.5 billion travellers annually. However, in terms of technology, it is still far behind Tokyo and London. The little white tickets are the main problem which will soon be replaced.

The spokesmen of IDFM, Sebastien Mabille, "Five per cent of metro tickets get demagnetized and stop working, frustrating customers," "The new passes will effectively solve this problem."

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