PDP, Congress and NC planning to make government in J&K

PDP, Congress and NC planning to make government in J&K

Congress is planning to form the government in Jammu and Kashmir by making an alliance with People’s Democratic Paty (PDP) and National Conference (NC). For now, Congress has just discussed the possibility of meeting Governor of J&K to claim governance.


The heavy work of diplomacy is given to senior PDP leader and former state finance minister of J&K, Mr Altaf Bukhari. He confirmed to the media about the idea of forming an alliance between the three major major parties of the state.


Mr Bukhari showing his concern said, “This is a move to safeguard the special status of the state. Between 55 and 60 MLAs are with us. Our identity is under attack. Articles 370 and 35A are under attack.”


The peculiar thing to be noticed here is that PDP and NC are rivals for a long time. Congress and PDP have made government in 2002 and 2008 by making the alliance, but PDP and NC will be first time together in the history of J&K.


A leader of the PDP said about the possibility, “We have had several informal meetings with the two parties (NC and PDP) this week and there are many reasons for this. The governor has hinted at keeping a status quo, which means he will not dissolve the assembly and keep it in an animated state, thus avoiding a fresh election. President’s rule will be imposed soon and it would have been ideal to dissolve the assembly but this has not happened. Instead, the BJP is attempting to break regional political parties and form a new alliance,”


Congress Committee president Mr G.A. Mir. said that a meeting finalising the alliance will be decided in a week. He further added, “The Congress Party is in no rush to form a new government. We have struggled for last four years and will continue to do so but we will also not stand by while BJP tries back channels to form a new government which does not have the mandate of the people.”



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