PM Modi Trolled by the opposition after Imran Khan’s comment

PM Modi Trolled by the opposition after Imran Khan’s comment

A few hours back, Imran Khan made a comment on the upcoming election and PM Modi saying that the peace offering between India and Pakistan will have a great scope if the elections are won by BJP. This single statement managed to create an uproar among opposition party that is accusing the current PM of speaking language of Pakistan.

This is not just Congress but Aam Aadmi Party as well that has come forth with Mehbooba Mufti and Omar Abdullah, Jammu and Kashmir politicians. All of them are now ready to attack PM Modi and attacking BJP back with all zeal.
Imran Khan said that if the Congress won then there will be minimal to no chance of settlement due to the backlash over Kashmir. They will be “too scared” to deal with the situation. He quoted, "Perhaps if the BJP - a right-wing party - wins, some kind of settlement in Kashmir could be reached,"
Due to this, Randeep Singh Surjewala tweeted, "Pakistan has officially allied with Modi! A vote for Modi is a vote for Pakistan,” “Modi-Ji, first Nawaz Sharif, now Imran Khan is your friend. The secret is out,"
Even Arvind Kejriwal, AAP Chief tweeted, "Why does Pakistan want Modi-Ji to win? PM Modi, please tell the nation how deep your relationship is with Pakistan? All Indians should know that if PM Modi wins then crackers will be burst in Pakistan,"
This didn’t end here and Jammu and Kashmir minister, Omar Abdullah also tweeted, "So much for Modi Sahib telling the country only Pakistan and its sympathizers want BJP to lose. Imran Khan has just endorsed him for a 2nd term".
The former BJP applies and PDP leader Mehbooba Mufti also said, "Bhakts scratching their heads & at wit ends wondering if they should praise Imran Khan or not."
India and Pakistan are having a huge war brewing among them after the Pulwana attack on 14th February 2019 where more than 40 soldiers lost their lives. The attack was planned and executed by Jaish-e-Mohammed which is a terrorist group based in Pakistan. This was followed by the air strike by Indian jets on the terror training camps in Balakot.
After this, the things are not going well between the countries and public is already with patriotism after such attacks. But the opposition has raised the question regarding the attacks that have taken a lot of buzzes around.

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