Prime Minister Narendra Modi says that he didn’t have a bank account till he was an MLA

Prime Minister Narendra Modi says that he didn’t have a bank account till he was an MLA

On Saturday, Prime Minister Narendra Modi said that he didn’t even have an operational bank account before he becomes the member of Legislative Assembly. He added to this that he never had enough money to deposit them in the bank account. He reminisces about his school days and recounted his Dean Bank days that used to offer a scheme for the students as a piggy bank and even the account was opened for them.

Modi added, "They gave one to me, but mine was always empty. Later, I left the village. The bank account continued and bank officials had to carry forward that account every year. The bank officials were looking for me to close the account," 

He even added that after 32 years, he was approached by official to close down the account leaving him all confused. He added, "After 32 years, they got to know I was at a particular place so the bank officials came there and said please sign, we need to close your account,"  Later he added that it was only after he become MLA in Gujarat that he actually had an account and he drew his first salary from it.

He added this during the speech at the launch of the India Post Payments Bank, "...before that, there was no (operational) account," 

On Saturday, Prime Minister launched the payments bank of Indian postal department that will take banking to the doorsteps of each and every citizen through an unmatched network of the post offices and the total of 3 lakh postmen and the Grameen Dak Sewaks.
He took the notice of the emotional connect of the daakiyas with the local communities. He even added that the faith of the people on the government may wobble off with certainly not in the case of the postman.
He added, "Decades ago when a postman went from one village to another...dacoits and robbers would never attack the postman because they knew that he was probably carrying money sent via money order by a son (who worked in the city) for his mother in the village," 

Indian Post Payment Bank aims to take the banking to the doorstep of the citizen to delivery the financial services. However, there won’t be any offers for the direct loans or any issue for the credit cards.

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