Punjab CM seeks clarification from Arvind Kejriwal, AAP is criticised by political parties for supporting Sikh Referendum

On Saturday, Aam Aadmi Party (AAP) part was criticised in Punjab by the ruling party Congress and Bharatiya Janata Party (BJP). This all started when the senior leader of AAP Sukhpal Singh Khaira supported Sikh referendum campaign for 2020. The leaders of Congress party and legislators slammed at Khaira who is the leader in the Punjab Assembly of the opposition party. He made a statement for open and blatant support to the movement. The referendum is pointed out at splitting Punjab from India and diving the whole nation with religious boundaries.

Khaira is judged by Amarinder Singh who is the chief minister of Punjab for supporting this movement and propose to separate the homeland of Sikh. On Friday, a statement was made by Khaira claimed as that he is supporting the 2020 referendum movement by Sikh as they have right to demand justice against the murder they have been through.

Singh countered that Khaira is simply making a statement against political parties without even knowing the history of the state or thinking about the final consequences his one statement can have.

The Congress leaders such as Hardev Singh Ladi, Ramanjit Singh Sikki and Harminder Singh Gill asked for an official clarification from the chief minister of APP Arvind Kejriwal. They are asking him whether he is the one supporting the statement of his leaders and everything is happening with his consent or not.

The statement by Khaira is claimed as the proof of the divisive politics played by AAP said Bikram Singh Majithia a Shiromani Akali Dal leader. After this buzz, on Saturday, Khaira tweeted on his twitter handler responding to Singh saying that it is Singh who doesn’t have his facts cleared and he is asking questions. He said that he was simply pointing out the discrimination central government do with the Sikh whether it was Darbar Sahib or other. Well, this sure is sparking a fire and that too when Lok Sabha elections are not far away.

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