Rahul Dravid Is Going To Assist National Cricket Academy

Rahul Dravid Is Going To Assist National Cricket Academy

Rahul Dravid, who was former India Captain and a batting legend, is all set to take charge of National Cricket Academy.  Though no official statement has been released till now it’s Dravid own word that he is soon going to take charge of the revamped academy.
Members of Board have decided to hand over the responsibility of monitoring the Indian Cricket team. Soon the committee of Administration appointed by Supreme Court will release advertisement on the role. Till now Rahul is handling junior cricket team from a few years and we all have seen that the results are quite phenomenal in this case. Now he has a vision of giving a complete turnaround to the academy. The kind of vision he has, it’s already confirmed that this is his role and we cannot even deny that.
As the new role will be appointed, he will be loaded with more responsibilities. Responsibilities will include appointments from specialized zonal coaches to the individual responsibilities at the NCA and its region specific centers. Board of recent orientation programme shortlisted a total of 22 coaches who were given specific roles under the NCA umbrella. Sources said, “For all practical purposes, NCA will now be Rahul's baby.” Current Chief Operating Officer, Toofan Ghosh will see out Infrastructure related responsibilities based in Banglore.
Continuing to the previous conversation, sources said, “He has simpler things in mind to start with. Rahul is clear that the emphasis, at all times, has to be on youngsters playing as many matches as possible. So, that's the first thing he's pitched for. Second, there used to be this process where if 20 youngsters would be shortlisted for NCA and 15 eventually picked, the remaining five-odd would be asked to return home. He wants that changed. Every youngster picked and shortlisted will continue to be at the NCA. The emphasis will be on playing as much quality cricket as possible.”
Upon which two former cricketers said, “These are the kind of things that one has to live within Indian cricket. Not much can be done about it.”

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