Rahul Gandhi hung up on the power Congress can provide to Madhya Pradesh farmers

Rahul Gandhi hung up on the power Congress can provide to Madhya Pradesh farmers

On Wednesday, Congress party president Rahul Gandhi announced in Mandsaur many things for the benefit of Madhya Pradesh farmers. One such thing he stated was that the MP farmers don’t have to wait much for the loan to be waived. If Congress comes into the power then in the maximum of 10 days the loans will be waived later this year.

Madhya Pradesh Congress president Kamal Nath and the state poll campaign committee chairman Jyotiraditya Scindia were also present at that time and he even mentioned them during his speech. He made all these statements while addressing a rally in the Mandsaur to honour the death anniversary of the farmers in the police firing. Total of 6 farmers died that dreadful day.

He also stated that he will take strict actions against the police responsible for firing the farmers if he held the power in MP. Gandhi also questions on the delay that occur to investigating a report in the death of farmers. He put the blame of BJP government that has failed to provide proper security to the farmers and show their concern towards the family of those dead farmers.

He lashed out on the central and state government for all they did and are doing to the farmers all around India. He accused them of not providing proper security to the farmers and their families. As it was reported earlier that 1,200 farmers committed suicide and this issue was also raised in the rally.
Not only this, but he also mentioned that the loans of Punjab and Karnataka were waived and same steps must be taken in MP as well. Later on, he also raised the issue of unemployment that promised approximately 15 lakhs to each. The issue of China product also raised on which he promised that he will launch a phone that will have “Made in Mandsaur” written on them.

However, the assembly is due in Rajasthan, Chhattisgarh and MP for the November month. People have to wait and see what changes it can actually bring out.

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