Rahul Gandhi in Germany blamed Unemployment for lynching

Rahul Gandhi in Germany blamed Unemployment for lynching

Rahul Gandhi, the Congress President has claimed that the incident that is related to lynching is the result of destruction and joblessness of people. The small business is going through a very difficult time that is making it difficult for them to survive. The demonetization is also poorly implemented by GST is not done in the right way by BJP.

In Germany, Hamburg, Gandhi traced the creation of the ISIS to warn people against the similar situation at the home since people are now excluded from the development of the nation.
He said, "It is very dangerous in the 21st century to exclude people. If you don't give people a vision in the 21st century somebody else will give them one. And that's the real risk of excluding a large number of people from our development processes,"

He even talked about the transformation that is taking place in the world. He said that it requires a certain amount of protection for the people. He keeps on accusing the current dispensation of the nation that is taking the protection away from people. He said that they are hitting off the economy by GST and demonetization that is angering the public to a whole new level.

Gandhi added, "They (the BJP government) feel that tribal communities, poor farmers, lower caste people, minorities shouldn't get the same benefits as the elite," 
He also said that the dangerous thing done by BJP is supporting the structure that was created to help a certain group of people. "That's not the only damage they've done. There's something much more dangerous,"

He said that Narendra Modi, the Prime Minister of India, “demonetised the Indian economy and destroyed the cash flow" of all the medium and small businesses that have made millions of people jobless.

He added, "They imposed a badly conceptualised GST which complicated lives further," "Large numbers of people who worked in small businesses were forced back to the villages and these three things that the government has done has made India angry. "And that's what you get to read in the newspapers. When you hear about lynchings, when you hear about attacks on Dalits in India, when you hear about attacks on minorities in India, that's the reason for it," 

He even referred to the hug that he gave to the PM saying, “When I hugged PM Modi in Parliament, some within my party did not like it."

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