Rahul Gandhi must be aware of the bitterness of MP Patil with Karnataka Congress

Rahul Gandhi must be aware of the bitterness of MP Patil with Karnataka Congress

On Saturday, Rahul Gandhi met with MB Patil, who as for now is in a resentful state. His father Rajiv Gandhi rebuking of Veerendra Patil, who was Chief Minister of Karnataka in the year 1990, was the reason that has managed to feud the problems among the Lingayat community. Rajiv Gandhi replaced an unwell Patil with S Bangarappa by making an official announcement at an airport.

And then the complete community moved away against Congress and are said to be the biggest base for the BJP party for the votes. This is the main reason why the Congress was handing the Patil issue with uttermost safety and making sure that no one is being injured or suffered, hypothetically.

However, MB Patil is the biggest Lingayat leader in the party and he was the person behind the accord to spate religion status is unhappy with the decision that he is not a part of the leadership in Kumaraswamy’s privilege. He was rooting to be a deputy chief minister for ages but all his dreams were shattered when he was not even come in the list of the ministerial berth.

In the Siddaramaiah government, Patil was the water resource minister that all changes with the decision. Even 15 other unhappy legislators are in support of Patil. There are many ministers who were shunned including Ramalinga Reddy, Roshan Baig, and HK Patil.

The main fuel to the Patil fire was that his party rival Shivananda Patil received the position of health minister. There is a total of 4 Lingayat ministers with Kumaraswamy Cabinet and hence removal of MP Patil seems to be a well-planned strategy.

Well, it seems that Patil has no way to simply lets things go that must have triggered something for Rahul Gandhi. However, it is possible that Lingayat will get the seat. No matter what the decision will be, it will be easy to see the dispute in the party.

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