Rahul Gandhi single comment put him in a tight spot against Narendra Modi for 2019 elections

Rahul Gandhi single comment put him in a tight spot against Narendra Modi for 2019 elections

One single comment of Rahul Gandhi has put him in a tight spot. He names the top beverage brand Coca-Cola as Shikanjiwala (Lemonade seller) which is not true and the top eating name McDonald’s as dhabawala which is not entirely wrong. However, this single things has managed to put his capabilities to fight against Prime Minister Narendra Modi into question.

Many people are pondering on the capabilities of Congress president Rahul Gandhi and are putting him in a doubtful spot that whether he will be able to fight against PM Modi or not. While addressing the other backward class (OBC) assembly in New Delhi, he talked to lengths about the brands. All he wanted was to woo the members of the community to get the maximum support for the upcoming Lok Sabha elections.

Rahul addressed the audience telling them that he wants OBC community to be a part of politics, business, banks, etc. Also, he said he would like them to run assemblies, corporations and Parliament. However, the speech doesn’t do any good to Rahul Gandhi has managed to ruin the terms of the people about his perception, wisdom, knowledge and ability to run the country.

People are arguing about the single statement and asking them whether he knows about the rags to riches stories of the renowned businessmen of India. They have managed to take the economy and globalisation to a whole new level and Gandhi mustn’t have questioned them as per the shikanjiwala and dhabawala.

However, people also claimed that his Jawaharlal Nehru (his Grandfather) and Indra Gandhi (Grandmother) are to be blamed if there is no one as near as Coca-Cola as it was their decision to run the economy as socialistic. His own family must answer the question he has been asking in the rallies.

It seems that Rahul has forgotten that the PM Modi follows a humble origin as a chaiwala that have earned much more respect in the community. Well, it is likely that Gandhi didn’t know how BJP address the OBC and he spilt the milk for himself.

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