Reaction of Australian professors on an IIT examination paper going viral

Reaction of Australian professors on an IIT examination paper going viral

Every year young students trying to crack the engineering examinations is not new in India. As students prepare hard for securing the engineering seats in colleges all across the country, many wonder about the difficulty level of these examinations. In a recent video that is going viral over social media platform, shows how Australian university professors reacting to the IIT entrance examinations test papers. When a YouTuber showed the test paper to these professors most of them seem amused with the level of difficulty for the students who are just in graded 12
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A YouTuber named ”Table” has uploaded a video where he has shown the joint entrance examinations test paper to a few professors working in the University of Melbourne Australia. The video shows these professors commenting on the difficulty parameters of the examinations and by the coincidence two of the professors came out to be ex-IITans.

One of the professors Mr. Hutchison commented on the examination paper that “if I would have been in the examination hall I would run from the hall crying, it is very difficult for grade 12 student to have such an exam‘“ he further added good luck to the students really you need one.
On the other hand, a mathematician Barry Hughes in the same university has addressed that this paper is not the right eligibility criteria to find out the talent in the technology field. “You must believe me if this is the examination which is being used you are not selecting the best talent in the engineering field” he added. The hilarious reaction of the professors and the questionable attitude of coaching centers with the irrelevant difficulty level shown in the video are going viral around the Internet.
In his video, he has also tried to address the issue of lack of resources to young students in India.
One of the professors in the University commented “this type of “race against the clock” examination put the natural assessment and ability of the student to understand the subject in a questionable condition.

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