Reporter of The New York Times demoted on admitting to date Senate Staffer

Reporter of The New York Times demoted on admitting to date Senate Staffer

The Trump administration is under the radar for so many reasons. Lately, a reporter for The New York Times was demoted when she admitted her relationship with a staffer of Senate who is under the suspicion to leak information to the journalist.

On Tuesday, the editor of Times Dean Baquet said that he would reassign the reporter. The Washington bureau to New York paper reports, Ali Watkins acknowledged her relationship with one of the staff members at Senate, James Wolfe who is the former head of security in the Senate intelligence committee. However, as per the reports, Walking covered many publications for Watkins except Times.

On 7th June Wolfe was indicted due to the allegations like false statement during the FBI investigations about his agreement with various reporters that also include Watkins. The investigation was due to the leaking information of the confidential data of the committee. However, in returns, Wolfe pleaded not guilty and clearly denies that he gave any kind of classified information to any of the reporters. There is no charge placed on Watkins for any sort of crime.

This has alarmed many publications and press organizations. The way in which the relationship of Watkins and Wolfe is out in open is clearly something no one was expecting. This all happen with their email records and phone calls that shows clearly the number of time they contacted in other and how extensive their conversation was. This all started in the late 2013 and since then a lot has transpired.

Baquet was not at all happy with the revelation and criticizes the aggressive tactic of collecting information. This all appears as an effort by the government to intimidate reporters and interfere with the newsgathering efforts while targeting sources that are leaking information.

However, the relationship of Wolfe and Watkins ended in 2017, even before she was a member of Times, has put The New York Times in a tough spot due to the ethical violation scenario by one of their reporters. The romantic, financial and familial relationship between a journalist and source are frowned upon by many news organizations.

Watkins has clearly denied that any type of information was leaked to her while she was working for BuzzFeed, Politico or Huffington Post.

Baquet wrote, “We are troubled by Ali's conduct, particularly while she was employed by other news organizations," "For a reporter to have an intimate relationship with someone he or she covers is unacceptable. . . . I believe she was not well served by some editors elsewhere who failed to respond appropriately to her disclosures about her relationships."

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