Rescue Mission Day 2, the fight against water and time has begun for the Thai boys

Rescue Mission Day 2, the fight against water and time has begun for the Thai boys

The fight against all odds is going on with 8 boys with their coach still trapped flooded cave located in the northern Thailand area. On Sunday, four out of 12 boys were brought out successfully and were whisked to the hospital. The mission will continue today on Monday to rescue them.

It is a dangerous and daring bid made against time to rescue the boys that aged 11-16 and their 25-year-old soccer coach. On late Sunday, the chief of the rescue operation suspended it due to the replenish oxygen supplies and for preparation which will take a total of 10 hours.

The authorities explain the mission saying that the divers had to hold the boys to their body and the boys had to wear the oxygen mask to ensure that breathe normally.

However, overnight the burst of rain soaked the Thailand Northern Tham Luang Cave. As per Chiang Rai, it has increased the risk to save the boys making it a war with water and time as they definitely don’t have much time left.

The ‘Wild Boar’ soccer team story has spread out in the Thai and international media as fire. People are gripping their seats and holding their breath to see what is going to happen next and how the boys are being rescued. The boys venture in the cave for over two week now and were trapped in due to the flood water.

Around a week ago, the boys were found by the British divers who made a video seeing boys huddled on a muddy bank. The video clearly shows the boys in the loose soccer Shirt of England. On Monday, the cave will be visited by Prayuth Chan-Ocha Prime Minister and leader of the Thai military junta that come into power in 2014.
The total of five members of Thailand’s elite Navy SEAL and thirteen foreign divers was the main guide in the whole rescue process. The boys are to be carried through the narrow and submerged passage that took the life of one of the diver on Friday. Boys don’t have any diving experience. The first four boys were rescued on late Sunday as announced by Narongsak Osottanakorn, the head of the whole mission. However, no details on the boys are yet given by them including their medical condition.

The condition is said to be not that bad but still, doctors are looking out any signs of hypothermia.

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