RSS comes forward as a helping hand for BJP as Jammu went against the party for surrendering to PDP

RSS comes forward as a helping hand for BJP as Jammu went against the party for surrendering to PDP

Bharatiya Janata Party (BJP) is having a tough time in Jammu and Kashmir. With people going against them and the party is faced with the irritated popularity, Rashtriya Swayamsevak Sangh (RSS) has stepped forward to help them to come out from this situation.

There were so many promised done by BJP on polarising issues during the time of 2014 State Assembly polls. One such promise was to scrap the Article 370 that states about the degree of sovereignty and ending the domination of Muslim over the majority of Hindu in Jammu and Kashmir. Apart from this, they also promised jobs for the youth in Jammu which was obviously a sensitive issue if we see that maximum of jobs is for Kashmir.

But once BJP won the election with the remarkable 25 seat criteria in Jammu region then they joined hands with the PDP People’s Democratic Party. The people of Jammu were not expecting this change and were shocked to see the alliance between BJP-PDP that is considered as a Kashmir-centric party.

This gave fire to a lot of issues in Jammu and Kashmir which were not solved by the BJP government. They weren’t able to show their support for the people in Jammu and underestimated the reaction and power of people. The people are so irritated with the alliance that they accuse BJP of being power hungry party that has knell down in front of the PDP and actually following whatever is being said.

The situation went out of control that made RSS step in to save BJP. RSS straightforwardly asked the report on the Rohingya refugees that are illegally staying in Jammu and are a threat to the country. However, BJP has remained silent even after many parties demanded the same from them. Even opposition is leaving no stones unturned and is continuously firing against BJP.

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