Rumours had it that Ex-AAP leader Ashish Khetan is going to join Congress, here is his statement

Rumours had it that Ex-AAP leader Ashish Khetan is going to join Congress, here is his statement

Ashish Khetan, the journalist turned politician is the latest news of the hot town of politics. As per the news he has left the prominent Aam Aadmi Party – AAM and has stated that it is his personal decision to quit the party without any pressure. It is to stay away from the electoral politics. However, as per him, he is not joining any other part for now and is hoping to join journalism or academic again.

When he was asked about his future scope or further guarantee, he stated, "For the last 1-1.5 years, I was having self-doubts about my own journey whether I want to stay in electoral politics in the future. And I decided that at this point in my life I don't want to go any deeper into electoral politics. And return to academics maybe even journalism at some point. And focus on law. This is why I decided to quit the party,"

AS per Khetan, he was even offered a ticket in Lok Sabha contest that he had turned down for the next year. He believed that now his time in the political world is up. He added, "I have only got love and respect from the party. When I was leaving, the party asked me many times to fight Lok Sabha elections and I told them I won't be able to do so... at this point, I don't think politics is my path anymore,"

He even cleared any problem with AAP, "When I joined the party, it was 90 per cent a revolution and 10 per cent a party... [but] a revolution cannot last forever. All parties that have come out of a revolution have eventually had to come to politics,"

It might be controversial that he is leaving just after Ashutosh. He added when asked about Ashutosh, "I can only speak for myself. Ashutosh will be able to explain better why he left... I come from a middle-class family. Ashutosh also comes from a middle-class family. We have to run our homes, pay for our children's educations, pay EMIs,"

On joining Congress he stated, "I can't say what will happen but I am not interested in joining party politics. I make it a point to never say never but I haven't spoken to anybody or made any plans," 

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