Sabarimala row: CPI(M) stands firm on the side of Women

Sabarimala row: CPI(M) stands firm on the side of Women

General elections are going to be held Next year. And political parties have started to attract their vote banks. The sad part is, they are trying to attract votes in the name of religion.



The political ground in Kerala state is on the boil since the Supreme Court gave the verdict on Sabarimala Case on September 28. The verdict said that women of all age are allowed to enter in the Sabarimala temple. The devotees of God Ayyappa believes that God is an eternal celibate and hence women of age 10 to 50 should not be allowed in the temple as they are on Menstrual cycle during this time.


Communist Party of India (Marxist) is in the power in Kerala while Congress sits in the opposition.


For the first time in History, Congress and BJP are protesting for the same cause. They are protesting against the court verdict and saying that this is a religious issue and court should not interfere in such matter. While the ruling party CPI(M) is trying to implement the court order.


Interestingly enough, Hindu Organisations such as RSS and VHP and Non-Hindu organisations like Nair service society, too, are on the same side. Congress is protesting with the Non-Hindu organisation while BJP is fighting alongside its parent body RSS. Sangh has accused CPI(M) of undermining Hindu sentiments and has denounced the verdict saying that the verdict failed to sympathize the feeling of Hindu religion.


When the temple opened on Oct. 17-20, RSS opposed the verdict and stopped the women from entering the temple. They hackled and abused 15 women, allegedly, in the process of stopping them. Some journalists were also injured in the process.


Now, the question arises here is, are the parties doing all these tantrums to sympathise their religious views or just trying to gain votes in the name of religious sentiments. Political analysts say that by these actions, BJP and Congress are possibly going to gain the vote of majoritarian voters while CPI(M) will get the vote of women and minority community.

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