Samsung Galaxy S10 has a nasty surprise!

Samsung Galaxy S10 has a nasty surprise!

Samsung has been exceeding the expectations of its consumers ever since its Note 7 fiasco. It is almost as if the battery-explosion tragedy was the much-needed wake-up call that the South-Korean technology giant needed. The company is steadily moving forward in the league of leading smartphone manufacturers.

As many of you may already know, Samsung is celebrating its 10th-year-anniversary with its premium-level handset, Galaxy S10. As the year is ascending towards its end, there are a lot of speculations surrounding the yet-to-be-announced flagship model. However, rumors claim that the 10th-anniversary-smartphone will feature a heavy design. The architecture of the model will be such that it will be good enough to give even Apple’s iPhone X a tough competition. In addition to this, many insider sources even suggest that the smartphone will pack a cutting-edge in-display fingerprint reader. Notably, Apple also introduced the much-awaited feature with its celebratory iPhone X. If this rumor indeed turns out to be true, then it will be treated as a revolution as far as Samsung’s lineup is concerned.

While, all of this may seem like good news, a report by Forbes suggests that Galaxy S10’s biggest upgrade will come with a nasty surprise. Citing a new report by South-Korean publication, The Bell, Forbes went on to suggest that the company might be considering limiting the device’s 5G capabilities. In other words, the aforementioned technology will end up appearing only in one limited edition model.

Furthermore, the report by The Bell even specifically mentions that a maximum of 2 million units out of 40 million Galaxy S10 models will enter production next year. The price of Galaxy S10+, which is by far the most expensive smartphone, will be over $1,000. It is safe to assume that the price of the 5G limited edition model will end up surpassing the price of Galaxy S10+ as well. This decision of Samsung’s will result in significant repercussions.

5G networks will reportedly start rolling out towards the end of this year. However, they won’t end up being distributed in the market as widely when the 10th-anniversary smartphone by Samsung makes its debut. The smartphones will probably scale up rapidly, since they wish to deliver grave competition to its rivals. All of this might end up being an expensive deal for consumers. However, it will definitely mark a great achievement for Samsung as far as technological innovation is concerned. Nothing can be confirmed until the company provides an official statement regarding the same.

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