Samsung Noida Factory: PM Modi Open’s World’s Largest Cellular Factory

Samsung Noida Factory: PM Modi Open’s World’s Largest Cellular Factory

On Monday, the world’s largest cellphone factory was launched in Noida. The factory was launched by South Korean President Moon Jae-in and Prime Minister Narendra Modi. It is the largest unit that has the capacity to of fabrication of a total of 120 million phones in a year. The factory will have all the phone collection that is starting from $100 to the company’s biggest flagship model S9. It is assumed that the factory will build around 10 million phones in a month. Out of them, 70 per cent will be allocated as the domestic usage of the phone.

Prime Minister Narendra Modi addresses the people yesterday saying, as per the records, a total of 40 per cent India uses the Smartphone and over 32 crore people are constantly using broadband services. The total of 20 per cent of phones is exported by the other countries globally that help them to increase their global market rate.

PM has been pushing many of the foreign companies to set their branch in India for four years now. He added, "This step today would lend pace to ‘Make in India’, apart from empowering citizens... This is a matter of pride for Uttar Pradesh and India,"

In 2017, the government came up with a law. They started to impose taxes on the import of the vital components of a Smartphone that was a huge part of their make in India policy. It gave a boost to the electronic manufacturing hub that has immensely grown with it. Not only this, but it is easy to observe the variation in the job pattern too. There are millions of job that has been created because of the shift in the digital era.

The Prime Minister pointed out, "Samsung has provided employment to approximately 70,000 people, the new plant will provide employment to 1000 more,"

The President of South Korea and PM Modi travelled to Noida yesterday to launch the Samsung factory on the Delhi Metro. PM Modi took his twitter handle to share a picture with everyone. In the picture, it is clearly seen that the two leaders are talking with each other on the metro and behind them; you can clearly see the Akshardham temple from the window.

In 2017, India becomes the second largest smartphone market after China by taking the position of US. It is predicted by Cisco systems that by 2021, there will be 780 million connected smartphones that were only 359 million in 2016.

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