Seeing the world through eyes of A ISIS sex slave

Nadia Murad is the name of a girl who’s story can give you rays of hope, whatever problem in your life you are facing, or it can push you into the world of depression if you overthink about it.
I’m not writing paradox. But the world Nadia lives in is surely is a paradox.
Nadia Murad won a Nobel Prize this year. But, there is no reason to be happy for Nadia in it. Because she got the Novel for speaking her story. And the story was how she survived the life of an ISIS sex slave.
She describes her story in her book published this year. And the story goes as:
The sex slave bazar usually opens in evenings. The abducted girls are held on the first or Second floor of buildings. Downstairs, you can hear the voices of militants who register themselves. When the group of girls first meet a militant, it screams. The whole group screams with all its energy left. But in vain.

(Image: The Guardian)

The militant roams around the room. Checking every girl. Checking their body. Checking if they are virgin or not. Checking as if they are not humans any more. Checking as if they are now a “property”.
The militants choose their “girl” according to a girl’s body, according to her age. The younger a girl is, the more demand she is in.
Nadia wrote an anecdote about her first meeting with her “owner”. On the first day of her abduction, Nadia was scared. Scared as hell. She tells that she was so scared that she chose a “less bad” than “more bad”.
In reality, Bad is Bad. The is no such thing as Good Bad or Bad Bad. But in the world Nadia lived, she saw what is not normal, She saw what cannot be imagined by the ‘normals’.
Nadia wrote about this gigantic figured militant. He was approaching to her. Maybe to buy her. And then Nadia saw a skinny man. A man with womanly legs. Much smaller, much weaker than the gigantic man. There she finds the “Good Bad”. Nadia thought what that gigantic man could do to her and then thought what that skinny man could do to her. Nadia was so scared that she requested the skinny man to take her with him.. she was so scared that she told a man to buy her….
She was scared but courageous at the same time.
I’m not writing paradox. But the world Nadia lives in is surely a paradox.

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