Sensex crosses 40 thousand in hopes of Modi government's return

Sensex crosses 40 thousand in hopes of Modi government's return

The counting of votes for the Lok Sabha elections continues. In the initial trends, the NDA is getting a signal of the majority in the leadership of BJP. Meanwhile, the record increase in the Indian stock market has been seen.
If the Sensex crossed the 40,000 marks, then the Nifty crossed the figure of 12 thousand. Sensex up by more than 1,000 points after 1 hour of trading The Sensex reached a level of 40 thousand 100 points at 10.45 in the morning.
In today's business, there is all-round shopping in the market. In addition to the bank, financial and metal, all the indices are trading with the gain. Nifty has gained nearly 300 points and reached the level of 12,041.
Market analysts say that signs of withdrawal of Modi government have created positive sentiments in investors. Because of the return of the Modi government, investors are looking forward to boosting economic reforms.

However, even after reaching record high, selling is also fearful. It means that investors can sell shares to capitalize on the edge. In such a case, there is speculation that the Sensex may be broken in the last hours.
-Earlier, at the beginning of the stock market, the Sensex would trade more than 500 points, while the Nifty was stronger than 150 points.
-Sensex crossed the level of 39850 after the record high of 800 points in the initial 15 minutes of trading.
-On May 21, the Sensex was at an all-time high level of 39571 due to exit poll results.
-If you talk about the Nifty, then 200 points have crossed the 11,930 level. It is expected that the Nifty will touch the magical figure of 12 thousand.
-In IndusInd Bank's shares, more than 7 per cent of the shares were registered in early business. SBI, on the other hand, saw 5% and L & T shares trading higher than 3%.
-Talking about the loss-making stock, there is a slight decline in Vedanta, Tata Motors and ONGC

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