Some NDA People Against The Idea Of Narendra Modi As Prime Minister Again

Some NDA People Against The Idea Of Narendra Modi As Prime Minister Again

There are many people for the NDA – National Democratic Alliance that are against Narendra Modi as the next Prime Minister of India for the election of 2019. On Friday, Upendra Kushwaha, BJP ally Rashtriya Lok Samta Party chief, stated during an interview. However, he didn’t name any person who is against the idea to avoid the conflict. But he said that these people are just spreading the rumours to create a conflict among the alliance.

Upendra Kushwaha is also the minister of the State for the Development Resource Development. He stated recently that a delicious ‘Kheer’ can be prepared with the milk from Yadavs and rice from Kushwaha. This statement fueled a lot of speculation about the realignment of the party in Bihar. However, he later comes up with a clarification that the comment couldn’t be an overture to the RJD Lalu Yadav.

Upendra Kushwaha stated, "In NDA (National Democratic Alliance), there are some people who don't want Modi-Ji to become the Prime Minister again. Such people intentionally spread rumours to trigger conflicts within the NDA,"

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However, Kushwaha and his party are in total support of PM Modi as the next PM for the general Lok Sabha election in 2019. But the recently made comment of the RLSP leader has managed to string an awkwardness from the BJP-JDU coalition of the government in Bihar. He even suggested that the Chief Minister Nitish Kumar must already ‘give up the bid’ for the fourth term in office. The member of Nitish Kumar’s party is accused of being involved in the rape case and also in corruption for which Lalu Yadav is already in jail after the end of his parole period.

Last week, he made a comment on the ‘Kheer’ that is not sitting well with the coalition and have created a flutter among them. He stated, "We will get the sugar from Brahmins, Tulsi from Choudharyji (RLSP Bihar chief Bhudev Choudhary) and can make delicious kheer with the dry-fruits from the extremely backward classes and Dalits and Dastarkhan from the house of our minority community. Then we can relish the delicious kheer together."

Not only this, but he also added that he will take ‘Kheer Yatra’ o ‘Paigam-e-Kheer’ on 25th September 2018 where ‘Kheer’ or a dessert will be prepared with the ingredients from different communities and will be distributed among people.

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