Spiritual Guru to top politicians, Bhaiyyu Maharaj committed suicide on Tuesday

Spiritual Guru to top politicians, Bhaiyyu Maharaj committed suicide on Tuesday

On Tuesday, a shocking news came out that managed to shake the politicians. A famous political guru for the most of the top politicians along with celebrities was found dead in his Ashram in Indore Madhya Pradesh on Tuesday. It is claimed that he committed suicide by shooting himself.

Uday Sinh Deshmukh, his born name, committed suicide due to a personal domestic issue. During the investigation, police retrieved a suicide note that claimed that he was in depression. The 50-years-old was taken to the Bombay hospital located in Indore where doctors declared him dead.

There were many politicians who come forward after hearing the saddening news. Shivraj Singh Chouhan, Madhya Pradesh Minister said that they have lost a knowledgeable, cultural and selfless person. He was the reason behind the angry opposition when he declared five outer sadhus including Bhaiyyu Maharaj as ministers.

However, it was revealed that Maharaj has rejected the offer claiming that he has no place for any position in his saint life. However, the state government brushed off the things by saying that they want to offer it so that the guru can facilitate the work of the committee member in order to conserve Narmada River.

Bhaiyyu was famous for his connections with famous businessmen and political members. There were many celebrity and ministers that were his followed including legendary Lata Mangeshkar and Devendra Fadnavis Maharashtra Chief Minister.

During Sadbhavna Fast, he was even invited by PM Narendra Modi who was working as a Gujarat Chief Minister at that time. In 2016, he announced that he is giving up his public life. His main fan base resides in Maharashtra and MP.

Even when he was taken to the hospital there were so many people that gathered outside to see what happened to their guru. He was married to Ayushi Sharma who is a doctor herself and his first wife died two years ago.

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