Stan Lee, the real superhero of marvel, dead at 95

Stan Lee, the real superhero of marvel, dead at 95


Stan Lee, co-creator of most famous superhero characters like Spider-man, Thor, The Hulk and X-Men, died in Los-Angeles on Monday. Her daughter confirmed the news of his death to News Agency Reuters.

He was 95 when he lost his battle on death bed. He suffring from severed illnes since last few months.

Lee’s daughter gave statement to Reuters, “

Lee’s Carrier:


He was born in Manhattan lin 1922. Real name of Stan Lee was Stanley Martin Lieber. Later he adopted his pen name Stan Lee.

Stan Lee was an early bird. He started writing for comics at an early age of 17. His first major breakthrough was writing for Captain America, a two page story, for Jaack Kirby and Joe Simons.

Lee’s created world includes X-Men, The Hulk, Spider-Men, Fantastic Four, Ant-Man, Doctor Strange, Daredevil, Black Panther, Iron Man, Captain America and what not.

Marvel Entertainment merged into Disney in 2009, and since then Stan Lee made cameo appearance in nearly every Marvel Cinematic Universe movie.


The mourning:

Walt Disney CEO said that, “

Many celebrities expressed their grief following Lee’s death.

Chris evans, the actor who played the role of Captain America, tweeted. “


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