Surgical strike video footage released, claimed to be a political trickery for the Lok Sabha election 2019

Surgical strike video footage released, claimed to be a political trickery for the Lok Sabha election 2019

The political parties are using the surgical strike as a weapon in all their meeting and rallies. The strike that happened across the Line of Control and the Special Forces. It is not something like soap opera. And there are so many things that need our attention than the petty political fights. People are shouting about orders to kill Rising Kashmir Editor-in-chief Shujaat Bukhari who said to come directly from Hafiz Saeed, well seriously, what is the relation of hierarchy in all this?

On 29th September 2016, surgical strikes were conducted by the Indian Forces. Well, now the footage is out in the open which clearly shows the Forces crossing the LoC and then destroying the terrorist launch pad in the Kashmir occupied by Pakistan (PoK). A per the reports, Drone was used to shotting the video names as Unmanned Aerial Vehicle (UAVs) and the thermal imaging cameras. The things that were left unsaid are that ISRO’s Cartosat-2C satellite was also the one monitoring the strikes. Also, Ajit Doval NSA has a chat with the US counterpart means that even they were using US satellites to monitor the whole scene.

"The operation was monitored from a control room in Udhampur (headquarters of Northern Command)… the feed was also going to Delhi. One of the major challenges that the team that went across faced was that the camps were located close to Pakistan Army posts…The whole operation lasted for six hours. The first target was hit at midnight and the last at about 6-6.15." concurrent to the video air-ring, the former northern army commander, Lt Gen DS Hooda said in an interview.

There has been doubting that whether the strike was even real or not provoked the people behind to launch the video so the truth is out. This has increased the aftermath of the strikes that have stilled the fear in the opposition party that NDA will grab the votes due to all this.

They supported the action making indirect or direct suggestions saying it is all a hoax. Even Arvind Kejriwal, Delhi CM, needed photographic evidence. Even the media was bending towards the doubts making ISPR overjoyed and upped the demand.

After so many things, the facts is the same. Congress and BJP are both equally responsible for the gross under-equipping of the Armed Forces. Not only this, but they degraded the soldiers too.

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