Tampering with EVM? - Celebrities raises questions

Tampering with EVM? - Celebrities raises questions

The results of the Lok Sabha elections will be on May 23. But in the exit polls poles before Modi wave, Modi seems to be turning into a tsunami. The opposition is telling opposition to the joke. Meanwhile, the issue of tampering with EVM is also heated. Some videos have become viral in social media. The allegation is that EVMs are being changed.
The opposition has made several allegations against the EVM on the BJP. Many Bollywood celebs have also raised their opinion in favor of the opposition on the EVM issue. However, the concerned officers and the EC have dismissed the allegations.
Actress Gul Panag tweeted, " I would like my own personal EVM. For souvenir purpose. Since so many replicas are being found in all kinds of places, wonder if I can get one in Chor Bazaar? "
Filmmaker Ashok Pandit, who supports BJP, tweeted:

Actor Swara Bhaskar has also questioned the safety of the EVM. Swara has written, "Meanwhile, the Election Commission said that EVMs are safe, but why do not any rules have not been made for EVMs that have not been used?" Swara wrote these Tweets while retweeting the question.
Even before this, Swara Bhaskar shared a video that was viral about EVM and asked what was happening?
Congress leader and Bollywood actress Nagma tweeted: 

Actor Veer Das said, "Whoever wins on May 23, we make fun of him for five years, like Modi, Manmohan and all the people who came before him, this is the comedy, if you want comedy to not make fun of your candidate, he or she needs to lose. Otherwise it will continue."

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