Tejashwi calls his brother guide and bushes off any type of rift rumours after the Tej Pratap’s rant

Tejashwi, younger son of Lalu Prashad and the leader of opposition party in Bihar assembly brushes off all the rumours of a rift between him and his brother Tej Pratap Yadav. He says that it is just a molehill and we must not convert it in a mountain.

The statement by Tejashwi was made just a day after his elder brother Tej Pratab warns him the outsiders are trying to separate them and also accuse him that he is not giving importance to his brother and sidelining him.

On Saturday, Pratab stated that everyone here is a politician but RJD is extremely sad with the scenarios. He also told the audience that there are many people in the party that are anti-social that is creating a rift in the party and ruining the image.

On this, Tejashwi reacted saying that he knows everything that his brother claimed off. He actually wants to strengthen the party and unify the ministers before the Lok Sabha 2019 elections.

Tejashwi called his brother his guide and he only made the remark because he wants the party to glorify and not left behind. He said that instead of focusing on these issues they must worry about the education system, women security, etc. As on ignoring this, none of them will get anything. It is about the development of Bihar.

Lalu Prasad’s hire Tejashwi is apparently touched by his brother’s claim. Tej Pratap is the cabinet minister in Bihar under the government of Nitish Kumar. This difference between the party member shows clearly that the largest single state party is going through a shell time but things are still under the hands of BJP and Janata Dal (United) for the upcoming elections.

To have any chance of winning, it is important to keep the grudges aside and work for the benefit of Bihar.

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