Tejashwi Yadav got bail keeping party on tenterhooks, father in jail

Tejashwi Yadav got bail keeping party on tenterhooks, father in jail

Lalu Yadav surrendered in court after expiry of his parole and his family is now bracing for another trial. However, today, his wife Rabri Devi along with their son Tejashwi Yadav arrived at the Delhi Court for a special hearing to seek bail in the case of corruption that is the said to be the main reason behind the split of the Grand Alliance.

The outcome will decide a lot for the party. Lalu Yadav has charges of three corruption cases while his son Tejashwi who is also his political heir was leading the party. However, the leaders are now worried since he fails to get a bail as it will ruin their last chance to run for the general election of the Lok Sabha.

A leader said, “See it entirely depends on the judge of the special court. As far as two women accused Rabari Devi and Sarla Gupta are concerned, they have a strong chance of getting bail.  But in case of Tejaswi we are keeping our fingers crossed,"
Tejashwi Yadav’s legal team has planned to argue on the case since the investigation of the case that is documented is over the entire family have cooperated with the regulations of investigation and his presence outside the jail will not jeopardize any of the witnesses.

On top of that, the agency has never tried to really take him into the custody for the investigation in the case. In 2017 July, Nitish Kumar ended their grand alliance just a week weeks after the case was filed by the CBI on the name of Tejashwi Yadav who is the Deputy Chief Minister of the government.

However, even the signals given by the Nitish Kumar minister was accused of the corruption case is not even welcomed in the cabinet. Lalu Yadav has refused his son to step down and have insisted that the case was nothing but the vendetta politics by BJP.

Even Nitish asked for a public explanation, on which Tejashwi had refused to do any such thing and have insisted that he would only reply to court and not before that. And then after few days, Nitish decided to end their Alliance and then joined hands with BJP government for the state.

The CBI has said that the whole process is taking some time and is rigged. The land registration also involved many irregularities including the robbing the stamp duty and agricultural land.

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