Thai Coach’s Handwritten Note From Cave “To All The Parents....”

Thai Coach’s Handwritten Note From Cave “To All The Parents....”

The coach of the youth football team who happens to be only 25 years old is stuck with his team for the two weeks in the Thai cave. He has offered his apologies to the parents of the 12 kids that are trapped with him. On Saturday, Thai Navy released a scrawled note in front of everyone.

Not only Thailand, but everyone who knows about the scene is holding their breath and praying the safe return of all the people that are trapped in one of the longest cave. The fear-provoking factor is that according to forecast there will be heavy rainfall and also the mounting of oxygen reduction. The high water and oxygen have kept everyone on their toes as people don’t know what to do.

The only adult with the youngsters that are aged 11-16 is Ekkapol Chantawong who stayed with them for a longer period of time. On Monday, rescue diver found them on a muddy ledge sitting close to each other.

On Saturday, Thai Navy seal published a note on their Facebook page that was given to them by Chantawong on Friday. It said, "To all the parents, all the kids are still fine. I promise to take the very best care of the kids,"

Thank you for all the moral support and I apologise to the parents."

There were other notes as well that was signed by the members of “wild boar”. The notes were directed to their family to make sure that they receive the message of their kid. The family members have kept an anxious vigil for the fortnight just outside the cave so that they can hear something about all of them.

He even wrote a note to his family who is shopkeepers, “I have been away for two weeks but will come back and help you sell your stuff."

He added, "I promise to take the very best care of the kids,"

Another note that was signed with the nickname as “Bew” was of one the kid that is trapped in the cave."Don't worry dad and mum,"

Dom "fine but the weather here is a little cold".

They all are getting trained for diving out in case they have to evacuate the place due to flood water through jagged and twisted passageways.

However, on Friday it was clearly stated that they are not fit and ready to dive out of the cave.

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