The attack on Kejriwal is a drama, says Manoj Tiwari

The attack on Kejriwal is a drama, says Manoj Tiwari

The Delhi president of BJP, Manoj Tiwari, commented on the chilli powder attack incident on Arvind Kejriwal. Tiwari said that if the attack on CM is not fabricated then it is condemnable. And the agencies should seek a high-level inquiry into the incidence.


Changing his tone, he said that the Deputy Chief Minister Mr Manish Sisodia’s comment on the incident, in which he equated the attack with the signature bridge incident, shows that this all is nothing but a drama.


According to inputs by News agency ANI, he said, “If the incident is not fabricated, then it is certainly condemnable. But the statement of the deputy chief minister that this attack is like the attack at the Signature Bridge shows that this is only a drama. It seems that this attack has been carried out at the insistence of the chief minister to divert attention from AAP MLA Amanatullah Khan's attack on me and also to cover-up the sins of the AAP,"


Tiwari also said that if a person has to protest against anyone, be it chief minister of Delhi or someone else, the best way is the non-violent way.


He said to the reporters, “For expressing opposite views, adopting such methods is completely wrong. We demand a high-level inquiry into this incident and the person who has committed this act must be appropriately punished,"


Not just BJP leaders, Aam Admi Party’s leaders are also raging out to the rival parties. AAP has said openly that the person who attacked Kejriwal has backing from BJP and it all was a conspiracy of Bhartiya Janta Party to “knock him off”.

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