The best of what Apple’s iPhone XS and XS Max has to offer!

The best of what Apple’s iPhone XS and XS Max has to offer!

It’s that time of the year again when Apple introduces its new range of products in the market. The Cupertino technology giant has been on a mission to expand its portfolio of mobile devices for quite a few years now. However, this year the firm seems to have recreated history by launching three new ranges of iPhone devices. The smartphones come packed with the most-advanced features – enough to deliver a tough competition to its Android rivals. One of the main highlights of Apple’s latest bunch of smartphones i.e. iPhone XS and iPhone XS Max is its camera. Recently, with the effort to highlight the primary features of the device, Apple’s public relations team took to Twitter and Instagram to post a couple of pictures.

As mentioned previously, Apple selected a few images to post on their social networking platform. The pictures represent the quality and new capabilities of iPhone XS and iPhone XS Max’s camera system. The Apple team posted these pictures along with the hashtag, #ShotoniPhone. It is interesting to note how these pictures cover a wide range of different styles and subjects. As can be observed from the images, there are landscapes, city structures as well as the pure nature. Action shots as well as still life images that include moving animals are also included in the shot. 

The Tim Cook-led firm has always focused majorly on its camera systems – may that be its iPad or iPhone device. The team has been vigorously been working on the camera to incorporate the latest types of technology and present it to the customers. According to a report by The Verge, “The camera quality has been a major feature of the iPhones over the years, and has certainly helped contribute to its high sales.” The latest camera system is home to a much larger pixel within the sensors. Along with the change in pixels is a faster processor, an upgraded Neural Engine that helps facial recognition as well as image segmentation. Other additional features in the camera include a Smart HDR system that automatically beautifies the pictures as well as an updated Portrait Mode. Both of these help in stimulating the aperture while editing pictures.

Apple has gone on to promote its iPhone XS and XS Max cameras by highlighting shots that have been captured by professional photographs. As can be seen on their social media platforms, their slow-motion and time-lapse functions through the pictures.

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