The Big Loss Of BJP, Nitish Kumar To Go Alone In Bihar

The Big Loss Of BJP, Nitish Kumar To Go Alone In Bihar

BJP is busy in testing the water for the Bihar seat sharing with the allies for the parliamentary election that are not even a year ahead. Earlier this week, they claimed that it has worked out a deal that will give a fair chance to all the member that giver assurance to the NDA alliance to win every seat that they can put their hands on in the vital and game-changing battleground of the state.

Under this proposal formula, BJP will be contesting a total of 20 Bihar’s Lok Sabha Seats out of 40. Their main ally Janata Dal-United (JDU) Nitish Kumar will work of the 12 seats while the Lok Janashakti Party (LJP) will work on the six remaining seats which are the same number that was won in 2014. Also, Rashtriya Lok Samta Party (RLSP) Upendra Kushwaha will have two of them.

This has not gone well with the JDU leader KC Tyagi who has denied of anything being final. He said, "The talks are still on, so where have these figures come from? Besides, they are totally unacceptable to us,"

As per the by-polls, BJP has already lost in Bihar and Uttar Pradesh that was later on followed by the Karnataka government as well. It has encouraged the JDU to raise their stakes and go for a larger piece of the cake out of 40 seats.

JC Tyagi stated in June National Executive Meeting that, “JD-U will be a big brother in seat-sharing for 2019 polls in Bihar".
This I not going well and with the comment of Upendra Kushwaha into public have created a lot of buzzes. He stated on preparing a delicious Kheer with the milk from Yadavs and the rice from Kushwaha saying "tasty 'kheer' can be prepared if the milk from the Yaduvanshis (Yadav community) and rice from Kushwanshis (Kushwaha community) are mixed together." 

However, none of them is getting into any argument, even one of the BJP leader stepped forward and said, "We won 22 seats last time, and we will contest all of them again. There is no question of sacrificing a single seat," "At best, we can offer the JD-U 10 seats, nothing more,"

Amar Azad, a Patna-based Dalit leader and state president of the Bhim Army stated, “These communities believe Nitish Kumar is well-meaning, but it's the BJP which has been pushing an anti-Dalit, anti-poor agenda. The centre's economic policies, especially GST, has also driven a large number of backward artisan castes, who had voted for Narendra Modi, to the brink. The BJP believes Modi is invincible, but the fact is that in Bihar, they need Nitish Kumar as much as he needs them,"

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