The famous daughter of Nawaz Sharif is to be arrested mid-air, media gagged

The famous daughter of Nawaz Sharif is to be arrested mid-air, media gagged

The former Prime Minister of Pakistan Nawaz Sharif and his famous daughter Maryam are sentenced to jail in the accusation for corruption. It is said that they will be arrested in the mid-air. It can happen even before the plane put a wheel on the land in Lahore in the evening. More than 10,000 police officials are posted all the Lahore for the whole chaos and dramatic homecoming gift for Nawaz Sharif who happen to be a three-time prime minister and also the one who is aiming to mobilise the party after the general election that will happen on 25th July.

A team including the National Accountability Bureau of Pakistan is trying to leave for Abu Dhabi as per the reports in order to board the same flight that will be taken by Sharifs. This is all done because of the arrest in mid-air as soon as the aeroplane will enter the borders of Pakistan airspace.

There are thousands of Nawaz Sharif’s supporters that are expected to crowd the airport on his arrival that is scheduled to be in the late evening.

Even the Pakistani’s media regulators have orders the television channels to not to telecast any of the briefings live off the political leaders that contain defamatory and derogatory content. The step is taken as an effort that Nawaz Sharif won’t get a chance to get the public opinion in his favour and that too when the elections are just around the corner.

The regulatory have claimed that only the ‘malicious and indecent content’ must be aired live on the television channels that are sought of the edited footage of the whole telecast.

The 68-year-old Nawaz Sharif is to be sentenced for 10 years in prison by the Pakistani accountability court that has accused him to be corrupt and has purchased his family four flats in London. Apart from that, he has two cases of corruption that are followed in the Panama Paper scandal.

It is also claimed that the Pakistani police is targeting the most loved Prime Minister ever since he claimed to return from London even after seen that the prison cell is what awaits him. It is said that Sharif wants to appeal his conviction and will face the sentence. For the arrest, the helicopters are posted at Islamabad and Lahore stations.

Maryam Nawaz, 44, his daughter is to be sentenced to seven years.

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