The first space travel flight ticket is suspected to cost $200,000

The first space travel flight ticket is suspected to cost $200,000

Amazon owner, Jeff Bezos’, rocket company is planning to charge their passengers with the total of $200,000 that turns out to be 151,280 pounds to $300,000 for the first trip that will be made to space next year. The two people that are familiar with the plans told the Reuters about the whole thing.

The potential customers and the aerospace industry are very much eager to learn the total cost of the ticket that will be claimed on Blue Origins’ New Shepard space vehicle. They want to find out whether the price is affordable or the company is generating the demand enough to make the profit on the invention of space tourism.

However, as per the executives of the company, that is started by the Inc founder in 2000 by Bezos told in the conference last month that they are planning to flight test the invention with few passengers on the New Shepard soon and then next year they will start selling out the ticket for it.

The company that is based around 20 miles south of Seattle has made the public announcement of the design of the vehicle that comprises the detachable passenger capsule and launch rocket. However, they made no comments on the price on the ticket and on the status of the production of the invention.

However, representative of the Blue Origin didn’t come forward to make any comment on the program or the total price of the invention. As per the reports, Bezos will be selling off the ticket in May but the prices are still not decided by anyone.

According to an employee of the Blue Origin, the first-hand knowledge of the price of the invention is out. It is sent the tickets will start off with the selling price of $200,000 to #300,000. However, another employee said that the tickets will cost a minimum of $200,000. The both of them also mentioned some conditions of anonymity as the total price is kept confidential by the people.

The New Shepard is said to be designed by keeping the autonomously fly six passengers more than 100 km in mind. It will be above Earth into the suborbital space that is high enough to experience a few minutes of the universe weightlessness and see the plate curvatures before the pressurized capsule will return back to earth with the help of a parachute.

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