The flower shower of UP Police Officer turns out to be worse for him for Kanwar Pilgrims

The flower shower of UP Police Officer turns out to be worse for him for Kanwar Pilgrims

On an aerial survey, a Uttar Pradesh Police officer did something that creates as outrage among people. On Wednesday, he arranged a rosy welcome to the Kanwar pilgrim and a video was shot that attracted a lot of attention. The Meerut’s senior police officer Prashant Kumar was seen in the video who was accompanied by the Commissioner Prakash Tripathi and were showering rose petals to greet pilgrims from a chopper.

The Police officers are naming it as a soft gesture while others are simply not accepting the fact. The social media crowd is not at all pleased with the gesture and stated "wastage of the taxpayers' money.” Even the aerial surveillance ride made the user felt that this is all misused by the higher authority. There were many comments on the video including, "who is paying for this joy ride", "Frustrating to watch this nonsense", “misuse of power"

The video made an entry in social media world just a day after, saffron-robed Kanwar pilgrims toppled and wrecked a car in the Moti Nagar Delhi that brushed them off as per the reports. There was around a dozen Kanwarias seen in the video that was clearly smashing the windows with the sticks and then tripped it over as spectators and policemen didn’t even try to stop them. Many people come forward to criticise the whole scene and even questions the law and order that are followed in the nation.

The video of the outrage Kanwariyas came out with the caption, “A group of 'kanwariyas' vandalise a car in Delhi's Moti Nagar after it brushed past them while driving. The people in the car got off safely. No injuries were reported. Police says no formal complaint has been filed by the victims (07.08.2018)”

This has already made people mad at the way things are going and then to top it all now the video of a Police officer had them questioning the law. The video was captioned “#WATCH Additional Director General of Uttar Pradesh Police (Meerut Zone) Prashant Kumar showered rose petals on Kanwariyas from a helicopter yesterday”

Kanwar Yatra is said to be the holy ritual that is done by pilgrims every year as the token of devotion to Lord Shiva. They walk all the way from their home to holy places like Gaumukh, Haridwar, Gangotri in Uttrakhand to fetch Ganga water during the holy month of Shravan.

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