The GOT trailer is out. And here is what’s special in it.

Bored with listening all the fan theories of Game of Thrones theories? Here is good news for you. HBO released the GOT trailer last evening.
In the trailer, Jon Snow, Daenerys Targaryen and Jamie Lannister are seen fighting along the same side, that is, opposite to the army of white walkers. Last season ended with romantic escalations between Jon and Daenerys and the finding that Jon is not the bastard of Stark but a Targaryen himself.
Arya Stark is seen in the trailer panting, running and scared. The reason behind this is surely not some human (We know Arya, right?).
The final season will be aired on April 14th. It will be available for Indians to watch on Hotstar.
Here is the trailer. But, before watching make it sure you change the quality to 1080p. I’m sure you don’t want to miss anything.

The upcoming season will be the eighth in the series and also will be the final. This season will have six episodes, hence will be the shortest among all eight seasons.

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