The government has a perfect message for the chiefs of social media

The government has a perfect message for the chiefs of social media

The Central government has given a clear indication that strict action will be taken against the Indian based heads of social media platforms if they are not able to curb the online hate and misinformation. On Wednesday, an official reported that government is ready to take down some strict actions against the platforms such as Facebook and WhatsApp. The fake messages are trending up at a fast pace that has resulted in the mob killings series. Even the hate message and the rape threats are going all over the social media that have pushed a lot of people off the media network.

Even the famous site such as WhatsApp that is the biggest messaging application and has the strong fan base in India with over 200 uses has refused to comply with the demand of government that demanded to track the original sender of the message.

Not only this, the government demanded that the platform must appoint a grievances officers. A plea of reinforcing the demand is also being heard by the Supreme Court.

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A senior bureaucrat that is dealing with this issue said, "There are country representatives of all online giants in India. The action would be initiated against them if they do not comply to remove online hate,"

This is the top recommendation given by the government on the lynching to the group of ministers that are headed by Rajnath Singh. Even the formal acceptance is pending and the online stakeholders have been warned about the follow-up meetings.

The Union Home Secretary Rajiv Gauba is the committee head that held the constitution with a cross section of the society before submitting the reports to the minister's group. They are to submit their recommendation to the Prime Minister Narendra Modi to come up with a final decision as per the home minister.

He added, "We have stepped up our engagements with social media platforms - WhatsApp, Facebook, Twitter and YouTube. A framework has been worked out, which enables the government to give orders and remove/ block objectionable content,"

Even a strict warning is issued to the online platform stakeholders that must be submitting the compliance reports. The warning stated, "If compliance is not timely and damage increases after warnings," that will result in strict actions. The officer stated, "Social media is expanding. People do not engage with each other face to face but they do it online. So enough gatekeepers need to be employed to keep a check on what is appearing online. It is like deputing more beat constables in any area," 

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