The Health Care Fraud Accused Indian-Origin Doctor Jailed In California

The Health Care Fraud Accused Indian-Origin Doctor Jailed In California

An Indian-origin woman has been accused of health-care fraud is now sentenced to over five years in prison and making the false statements that are related to the benefits programme of the healthcare sector. On 28th August2 018, the US Attorney Alex Tse sentenced Vilasini Ganesh for the total of 63 months in prison.

The 47-year-old Vilasini Ganesh and her 56-year-old husband Gregory Belcher have been convicted to the charges in December last year after an eight-week trial. The trial evidence was demonstrated to Vilasini Ganesh for the submitting of the series of false medical claims that are related to the family medical practice that she has owned in California Saratoga town.

She even submitted the claim for the days when a patient had not been seen by the provider and the claim for the patients who had been seen by the physician's providers who have no longer was affiliated with the practice. Additionally, she has also billed insurers with the claims that certain patients were seen a total of 12-15 times in a single month.

In 2017 July, a federal grand jury indicted Vilasini Ganesh and Gregory Belcher was charged with one of the conspiracy to commit that health care fraud and one count of the conspiracy to commit money laundering as well as on the medical other counts of the fraud od the healthcare sector.

During the hearing of Vilasini Ganesh sentencing, Judge Koh said to her about the obstructed justice by the misrepresentation of her understanding of the legal system, even the amount of the money she was paid by the insurers and whether she understood that it was improper to upcharge while submitting the claims to the insurers.

To top of that, the prison team, Judge Koh has sentenced Vilasini Ganesh to the total duration of the 3-year term of the supervised release and have ordered her to pay a restitution in the amount of over USD 3,44,000. The sentence of the Vilasini Ganesh will begin and come into service on 1st November 2018.

Her husband, Gregory Belcher was sentenced for the total spam of a year and a day in April. He will be in prison for the said period that will be followed by the three years of supervised release. The couple will be in the prison for the time being with no hold to future but wait.

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