The list of children separated from their immigrant parents is ordered by US Judge

The list of children separated from their immigrant parents is ordered by US Judge

On Friday, a California judge gave the time to US government till the following night. They have to submit the names of all children that are separated forcefully from their while crossing the US-Mexico border under five.

However, the administration of Donald Trump, President of US, has requested to increase the date of the deadline in order to reunite the some of the children with their parents. He argued that it will require more time than given to them as they have to check in the identities and confirm it.

On 26th June, Judge Dana Sabraw injured that the government is required to reunite the detain children to their parents that are under the age of 5 within 14 days and others that are over the 5-year-old mark within the 30 days.

As per the reports, more than 2,300 children were separated from their parents while they were crossing US borders illegally. More than 100 of them are under the age of five that are targeted by the Trump policy of zero tolerance. He had clearly stated that the parents prosecuted as the illegal process of crossing the border. They are not even allowed to do so by seeking help for the asylum.

There are several hundred kids that are already reunited with their families. However, the government is struggling to keep up and reunite others as well. On Thursday, they admitted that they are using the DNA method to be sure that the parentage is correct and no false claim is done.

There is a total of 11,800 children that are detained by the US authorities that are claimed to be illegally crossing the US border. The teenage percentage is around 80 that arrived alone as reported by the HSS (Health and Human Services Secretary Alex Azar.

The deputy director of American Civil liberties Union’s Immigrants Right Project, Lee Gelernt said on Friday, The judge made it very clear he wasn't going to allow the Trump administration to drag its feet on reunifying these children with their parents,"

When talked about the DNA test, the filing that was submitted on Thursday stated, "is moving expeditiously to undertake these DNA tests, that process takes meaningful time, even when it is expedited."

Also, "confirming parentage is critical to ensure that children are returned to their parents, not to potential traffickers,"

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