The man missed Rajdhani, makes a hoax calls about the bomb in Kolkata

The man missed Rajdhani, makes a hoax calls about the bomb in Kolkata

A complete panic took over Kolkata when a man started a rumour about the bomb. The Kolkata-bound Rajdhani express onboard passenger panicked after a hoax call was received by the Delhi railway police saying that there is a bomb in the train. This happens just after the train left the New Delhi Railway station for its destination.

After the call, they give the instruction to stop the train at Ghaziabad for the searching operation that took a total of 2 hours. The police retraced the call later on that was found to be of the resident of Kolkata who is a 43-year-old man Supriyo Mukherjee that has called the hoax of the bomb in order to delay the train which was missed by him. He is now detained for the further questioning.

When the man was questioned, he stated that he was coming back with a wife from Patiala and was to board the Rajdhani from Delhi. He missed the train as he had to stop at the pharmacy while he was on his way to the station. He called the control room and spread out the rumour of the non-existent bomb which gave him enough time to reach the Ghaziabad station to board the train. He resides in Kolkata Behala.

DCP, railways, Parvaiz Ahmed said that “He is being interrogated and his antecedents are being checked, A notice has been issued against him.” As per the police, the call was received by them at 5:21 pm. A railway official said, “The train was checked by the bomb and dog squads under the GRP and RPF, while passengers were asked to de-board. The train left New Delhi railway at 4:55 pm.

The call was declared a hoax after the train was checked till 7 pm. The train eventually left at 7:05 pm”.

The civil engineer who was trying to catch the train is now detained when he gets down from the Sampoorna Kranti Express at Ghaziabad railway station when he was suspected to be a hoax caller who was later cleared and released.

The 40-years-old man has a confirmed ticket to the Dhanbad on the Rajdhani and a general ticket to the Sampoorna Kranti. The police caught him while he was running towards the Rajdhani.

“We thought he might have made the hoax call as he had missed the train. After interrogation, he was found to have no connection with the hoax call. He has taken the Sampoorna Kranti train hoping to catch the Rajdhani at some other station.” Said an official.

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