The Mission Impossible is successful, the 12 Thai boys and Coach rescued from the flooded cave after 17 days

The Mission Impossible is successful, the 12 Thai boys and Coach rescued from the flooded cave after 17 days

The coach and Thai boys that were trapped in Tham Luang Cave in Thai due to the deep flood in the cave for more than two weeks is now finally rescued. On Tuesday, the whole world took the breath of relief after all the members were rescued finally. The whole mission has left the world in a perplexed state and has the attention of all the people around the world.

The Thai NAVY unit posted a Facebook status on their page, "The 12 Wild Boars and coach have emerged from the cave and they are safe,".

On 23rd June, the ‘Wild Boars’ soccer team and their coach were trolling around after their practice session. They were exploring the complex of the cave in the Northern Province of Chiang Rai. However, things didn’t go as per the plans and the rainy season flooded the tunnel completely trapping them inside of it.

On last Monday, after 10 days of the boys stuck, the divers found the 13 huddled together and hungry on a muddy bank in darkness in a partly flooded camber which was several kilometres inside the cave.

They took a few days to come up with rescue plans after checking their odds. On Sunday, they started to bring the boys out of the cave and 4 of them were securely out and send off to the hospital.

On Monday, four more boys were out of the cave and it brings out the hope even though the weather was not in their favour. On Tuesday, the last four boys and their coach were finally out of the life-threatening situation.

However, this celebration was tinged with sadness when one of the divers died on Friday while he was returning from the re-supply mission from the cave to keep the boys stocked for a day or two.

The last five of them were bought out on a stretcher and were taken to the hospital by the helicopter.
The army doctor and the three SEAL unit members were the last to come out of the Thai cave. They were with the boys since the first day they found them huddled.

The eight boys who came out first are healthy and safe. However, two of them were diagnosed with pneumonia but things are under control now. All of them will be kept under observation for a week before going back home.

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