The new face of Ind-Pak relations: Countries harassing each other’s diplomats

The new face of Ind-Pak relations: Countries harassing each other’s diplomats

Serious allegations of “aggressive watch” are made by Indian High Commissioner on Pakistan Security officials. According to report by The Indian Express, the Indian High Commissioner said that he received a mail from Facebook about someone trying to hack his account.
An unidentified Indian High Commissioner official said that they were in a Wedding Reception on December 4, in Islamabad while the attempt of hacking their account was made.
It is also reported that an unofficial message has been sent to Pakistan’s Ministry of Foreign Affairs regarding the issue.
The unofficial message states, “Such incidents of aggressive surveillance, violation of privacy and harassment amount to a breach of the understanding reached between Pakistan’s foreign secretary and the High commissioner of India on March 27, 2018.”
Experts are saying that it was retaliation by Pakistan as Pakistan formally protested against India’s reaction to an incident involving Pakistan’s High Commission in Indian National Capital New Delhi.
The incident in which Pakistan’s office was involved was in Sarojini Nagar when a woman alleged that the official has behaved inappropriately. 
Islamabad expressed it’s anger over the issue as it said that the official was detained despite the fact that he informed the police about the status of the incident. Delhi Police officials, however, denied the fact that the official was either arrested or detained.
India’s relation with Pakistan is not going smoothly since the past few months. News of exchanging fires along LOC came early this morning. According to a local news site, “Armies of both India and Pakistan on Tuesday exchanged gunfire along the Line of Control in Sunderbani and Nowshera areas of Rajouri district of Jammu division.”

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