The outcome of Amit - Uddhav meeting comes negative: Saffron may steal all the votes from Shiv Sena

The outcome of Amit - Uddhav meeting comes negative: Saffron may steal all the votes from Shiv Sena

If you are following Maharashtra political news then you Amit Shah, BJP chief was not able to bridge the gap between BJP and Shiv Sena. Uddhav Thackeray has said no to any kind of pre-poll alliance with BJP.

The Sena mouthpiece, Saamna, made it extremely clear that they have nothing to do with BJP. After his Sampark Abhiyan meeting with Amit Shah, even BJP knows that now there is no possibility that the gap will be bridged between them. They met at Thackeray Bandra residence on Wednesday. After the meeting, on Thursday, Uddhav claimed everything as a drama in Palghar.

The main question that rise here is that after so many difference why even Amit Shah tried to persuade Shiv Sena? Well, it was to resolve the issues between the parties in order to gain trust and support in the upcoming election. But, it also seems like a strategy planned by BJP that believe to gain maximum votes in the Lok Sabha election 2019 by doing so.

Well, Uddhav was never happy with the alliance as per the statement. Ever since the senior leader of BJP party met Bal Thackeray his father for the sake of partnership, he was against it but couldn’t say anything. Now that the alliance is officially over, the weights are heavy on his side and not BJP. He can easily promote his party now that he is no longer bounded or dependent on any other.

And with the by-polls results out, BJP party is not more alert to win the elections. They are planning to steal the votes from Shiv Sena court and name them with BJP stamp. Well, BJP won Palghar with the fringe of 29,572 votes which simply means they manage to lose more than 6 lakh votes overall. This has put them in a tight spot.

BJP is aiming for approximately 15-20 percent of Shiv Sena vote since it is not a national party. Well, we have to wait for the result but as for now Shiv Sena is not solo and is not in alliance with anyone for now.

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