The prisoner escaped again, French Convict bolted on a hijacked helicopter

The prisoner escaped again, French Convict bolted on a hijacked helicopter

The Sub Francilien Penitentiary Centre in Reau, France that is southeast 25 miles from Paris is not something that is publically broadcasted all due to security measure that is taken by the police for the complete safety.

In 2011, before it was built, there was an old brochure that instilled the facility.  It boosted the exceptional penitentiary that would be diversion features of the landscape. The land was said to have embankments, meadows, ditches to retain water. Even the total number of 9,000 plants and 200 trees will be planted on the campus to cover the total surface area. These two facilities centre will be housing around 500 female and male prisoners.

For the security reason, there was no mention of the courtyard that is large enough to have a helicopter of light utility such as Aerospatiale Alouette II that is the only part that was not covered by anti-helicopter nesting.

It’s not even a decade, on Sunday morning, there was a helicopter that flew over the prison’s plentiful foliage and lands on the courtyard. The passengers were Redoine Faid, gangster 46-years-old who was said to be serving the sentence of 25-years for murder and robbery.

The armed accomplices escorted Faid in the courtyard who was freed from the prison visiting rook and then boarded the aircraft. Then all happened in the board light as the prisoner disappeared into the open sky free from the captivity.

The plans were taking in place all morning without any doubt and were a work of few minutes before the disappearance.

It is said that the helicopter pilot was taken a hostage in the nearby school in the earlier Sunday then force him to fly to the prison. There the three armed men created a diversion at the entrance of the prison when the hijacked helicopter touch the courtyard.

Faid then escapes in the manhunt all across the greater Paris. After the break, the helicopter was found in the field in Gonesse abandoned. It is assumed that Faid then boarded a black vehicle that was found abandoned in the Aulnay sous Bois that is another of the suburb of Paris.

According to French National Police, they are trying to search for him by mobilising their team and urging people to notify if they happen to come across him. Well, even in 2013, Faid managed to escape the prison in Lille, France.

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