The reason behind Priyanka Gandhi’s entry after such a long time

The reason behind Priyanka Gandhi’s entry after such a long time

The Congress gave Indian politics a huge shock with the news of entry of Priyanka Gandhi into formal politics. Though the decision was along the line of the dynasty politics, still it shocked many as she has declined every opportunity in past.
When Congress was facing 2014 elections, it was the most embarrassing moments in the history of Congress since 1885. With no allies in the ground, with every social activist, worker, intellectual working against the Congress, with media raising scams issues every now and then, and with the storm called Anna Movement, Congress faced the worst ever defeat.
Maybe, that was the perfect time to enter in politics for Priyanka Gandhi, if she has entered now just to save Congress from another embarrassing situation.
Is she up for Larger Role?
Many leaders in BJP have already said that because of the dynasty politics of Congress and the failed image of Rahul Gandhi, Priyanka has come to take a larger role in Congress. But that sounds very odd if we compare past to the present. If her goal is to take a larger role, she should have come in 2014. As that was the perfect time to become the saviour and take all the credit to become a national level figure.
Rahul has done all the work now. He has cleared his image of ‘Pappu’. He has won three assembly elections in Hindi heartland states Rajasthan, Madhya Pradesh and Chhatisgarh. And he also has shattered the dream of Bhartiya Janta Party to make India ‘Congress Mukt Bharat’.
If Congress wins the election in 2019, it would be Rahul who would get all the credit, not Priyanka. As Rahul was with Congress in worst of its times.
Bait by BJP?
Some experts are saying that BJP and the right wing has a habit of maligning One’s image by contrasting with some other. For example Comparing Gandhi with Bhagat Singh, Nehru with Patel, and recently Sonia and his children with Manmohan Singh. The latter was always shown as the ‘good’ and the former automatically became ‘evil’.
Rahul’s image has strengthened since the past few times. And considering the charisma and halo around the personality of Priyanka Gandhi, one case easily says that Priyanka will shadow Rahul Gandhi.
But, by arguing so: one forgets about the strong relationship between the siblings. Priyanka has always backed Rahul Gandhi, no matter what. And political experts know that though Priyanka hand’t took a formal place, but she was supporting Congress in its election campaigns and strategies since time unknown.
The possible reason
The most logical reason that one argue behind the comings of Priyanka Gandhi’s sudden entry seems to be ‘to coerce SP-BSP’ coalition’.
Uttar Pradesh is the most populous state in India. And most populous means more the number of MLA. And more MLAs means more majority in parliament.
Akhilesh Yadav even said that the person who doesn’t win in Uttar Pradesh doesn’t stand a chance in making government in Centre.
Priyanka’s appeal to the voters is very strong. And a strong rival could harm the SP-BSP coalition severely. So, they may have to reconsider their statement of leaving just two for Congress.

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