The rescue is all set for the boys that are trapped in Thai cave will begin, “Today is the D-Day’

The rescue is all set for the boys that are trapped in Thai cave will begin, “Today is the D-Day’

On Sunday, some of the elite divers began an extremely dangerous operation to rescue 12 boys with their football coach out of the Thai Cave. They are trapped in the cave for more than two weeks now in a complex that is completely flooded in the Northern region of Thailand. With the monsoon rain as a threat, it is becoming difficult to put up the rescue efforts.

The team members of Wild Boars are stuck in the Thai Tham Luang Cave several miles inside the cave in a complex. On 23rd June, the team went inside to explore the cave after their football practice when the cave was hemmed in by the water level due to the monsoon.

This case has not only transfixed Thailand but also the rest of the world. The authorities are trying their best to come up with a plan to rescue the boys and their coaches through narrow, twisted and jagged passageways which are completed flooded by the water and with monsoon season, it is at the highest peak of risk.

Narongsak Osottanakorn, the rescue chief stated, "Today is the D-day. The boys are ready to face any challenges," Even the weather forecasters have warned everyone about the heavy monsoon rainfall that can be experienced on Sunday.

If this happens then the cave will be more flooded then it already is leaving the kids and coach at the life-threatening risk.
As per Narongsak, the first boy will be rescued and out of the cave by 9:00 (1400 GMT) that means that the total trip for one will take around 11 hours of the total.

The coach is 25-year-old whereas the boys are aged from 11 to 16. They are found in the dishevelled and hungry condition by the British cave diving specialists after a total of 9 days stuck in the cave.

The initial ecstasy is now over since the boys are found alive but the things quickly turned serious when they started to plan out their rescue as there was no way for them to be out of the cave. The whole mission is deemed to be “Mission impossible” at this point with no certain way for them to be out.

Event the death of a Thai diver due to the oxygen rat on Friday has highlighted the risk of the total journey made by the professionals. Narongsak says, "There is no other day that we are more ready than today," "Otherwise we will lose the opportunity."

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