The reservation bill for economical backward upper cases passed in Lok Sabha

The reservation bill for economical backward upper cases passed in Lok Sabha

The bill for 10% reservations for economically backward upper castes was passed in the Lok Sabha yesterday. The bill was introduced by Modi Govt in Lok Sabha earlier in the day.

323 members of parliament gave a Yes to the bill while only three MPs said a NO, according to Lok Sabha TV. The Govt will present the bill now in Rajya Sabha today.

The proposed bill was a constitutional bill and hence two third of the majority was necessary to pass the bill to amend the constitution. If the bill is passed in both houses, it will be One Hundred and Twenty-Fourth Amendment.

The Congress party was demanding that the bill should be sent to a Joint Parliamentary Committee, but as the BJP already holds a majority in the Lok Sabha, it didn’t find it necessary to pass to Joint Parliamentary Committee. Seeing no other option, Congress simply voted in favour of the bill.

According to a news report by the Hindu, “All India Anna Dravida Munnetra Kazhagam (AIADMK) MP and Deputy Speaker M Thambidurai walked out of the Lok Sabha before the voting began.”

To coerce other parties to pass the bill, Finance Minister Arun Jaitley said that all the parties have “quotas to economically weaker sections of the society” in their election manifesto and “Their commitment to their promise is put to test today.”

All the parties, including Shiv Sena, Congress, the National Congress Party (NCP) accused the Bhartiya Janta Party of using the quota bill as a tool to lure the voters as the general elections are just months ahead this year.

But it seems like these parties forget to mention that they themselves didn’t have the guts to vote against the bill as it can hurt their “economically backward” vote bank.

All these parties gave several statements in media saying that it is just another “gimmick” or “Jumla” but after seeing the reaction of the general public, they voted in favour of the bill.

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