The total of 32 immigrant parents that were separated from their kids at Mexico-US border receive shelter at Texas charity

The total of 32 immigrant parents that were separated from their kids at Mexico-US border receive shelter at Texas charity

Under the Trump policy, there are many children that are separated from their parents at the US-Mexico border. As per the Texas charitable organisation, they have taken 32 immigrants under their care. However, they have no idea about their kids and don’t have any idea when the government will give any details about the assurances from the family reunification will be organised.

On Sunday, this release is said to be the first one since Donald Trump signed the order on Wednesday that stated that no tolerance will be entertained against the people that illegally entering the country. This practice was ended on their end when a lot crowd come forward against Trump on separating the immigrant children from their parents. US immigrant and customs enforcement didn’t come forward for any comments.

The director of Annunciation House in El Paso, Ruben Garcia stated that the group of both mother and parents are from different places such as Honduras, Guatemala and Mexico. They arrived in his group when the authorities withdrew all the charges against them about the illegal entry.

However, he didn’t mention any particular name or personal details in order to protect the privacy of parents. The security team of Homeland stated that they would need more specific details to forge the charges and check out the case details.

The Department of Homeland Security and other agencies received a fact sheet, they stated that the authorities are aware of the location of the separated kids in custody. They are working to reunite them with their parents which are known as reunification process “well-coordinated”.

However, the people that are separated from their parents must be deported with their parents. In the report, it is stated that many parents don’t want their kids to be deported with them. This decision was taken because of the persecution and violence they faced in their home country.

The report doesn’t have time span when they will be deported to their parents. However, the Texas Post Isabel Service Processing Centre are set to reunite the families before they are deported. The government is first stopped by the US custom and border patrol, the kids are taken under the custody by Department of Health and Human Services where the adults are detained through Immigration and Customs Enforcement under Department of Homeland Security.

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