The US under the question from Canada with $12.6 billion counter tariffs on essentials

The US under the question from Canada with $12.6 billion counter tariffs on essentials

On Friday, Canada hit back at the US with retaliatory tariffs that are on American summertime essential that even includes the Florida orange juice, Kentucky bourbon and ketchup in the open salve trade war with Donald Trump, President.

The temperature and tension are increasing simultaneously, the total targeting measure Can$16.6 billion in the US Steel, consumer good and aluminium that will come into effect by Sunday. This is the national holiday for Canadians. It is also a day before America celebrates its independence day even though the heat is unbearable in both the countries.

The duties claiming tit-for-tat are just a response to the US steel and aluminium tariff punishment that will be imposed by the start of June. The Ottawa is also unveiling up to Can$w billion that aid around a total of two sectors and their workers that goes for 33,500 in total.

According to Prime Minister Justin Trudeau Ottawa "had no choice but to announce reciprocal countermeasures to the steel and aluminium tariffs that the United States imposed on June 1, 2018,” as told to Trump on Friday during a call.

There is a statement that came forwards after the call including The two leaders agreed to stay in close touch on a way forward,"

The Canadian Foreign Minister Chrystia Freeland has officially announced that the tariff has been raised the steel facilities in Ontario, Hamilton. She flanked that the yellow hardhats workers by brawny workers.

She said, "We will not escalate and we will not back down," this statement came after noting this trade action that is said to be strongest Ottawa during the World War II.

But according to her, it is moved to the regret and very much sorrow and not much anger that is against the ally.

Total of 250 US goods subjects is listed in the Canadian duties that include the Florida juice, North Carolina gherkins and Wisconsin toilet paper that is laboured to produce intensive products that are to pressurise Trump supporters to November US midterm elections.

The 25 per cent penalties are set to be added to the total cost of US steel. The total of 10 per cent customer goods and aluminium.

As per the US, $2 billion trades are made that is surplus steel and iron products. Canadian buys American steel than other countries with the accounting of 50 per cent of the total exports.

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